About Mattress Encasements

You don’t have to throw your furniture away!  A good quality encasement can turn an old or infested bed into a clean, comfortable place to sleep.  A bed bug proof mattress or box spring encasement serves multiple purposes.  If there are bugs or eggs in or on the mattress, the encasement seals them in, and the bugs eventually die.  When GP Home Defense LLC does a bed bug treatment, we dust the mattress and box spring before putting them into the encasements.  This ensures that death will come quickly for any trapped bugs.  Bed bugs love not only the proximity to the buffet provided by the mattress, but they also love all the piping, quilting, folds and tags.  These provide ideal places for bed bugs to hide and lay eggs.  And the box spring is hollow inside, with lots of fabric, padding and rough wood.  Bed bug paradise.  A decent encasement provides a smooth outside surface with no place to hide or lay eggs.  Good encasements also protect against dust mites, mold, pollen, bacteria and liquid damage.

GP Home Defense LLC carries 3 lines of mattress and box spring encasements.  We have an economy line that would be comparable to a lot of the ones found in discount retail stores, with prices from $28 to $40.

We carry a good quality mid range line, priced from $37 to $57.

Our top pick is the Mattress Safe Kleencover Ultimate.  The quality is outstanding, and to our knowledge it is the only one made in the USA.  In addition, the purchase of a Mattress Safe encasement helps to provide clean, safe bedding to orphanages and shelters through P.E.S.T. Relief International and the REST Initiative.  You can read more about the company and their products at MattressSafe.com.

Because of GP Home Defense’s own initiative to deal with the bed bug crisis here at home, we have decided to sell these encasements for less than you could even buy them for direct from the manufacturer.

You can buy these encasements from us whether or not you are taking advantage of any of our other services.

Size                         Reg Price            GPHD Price

Twin Box Sp       $62.99                   $46.00

Twin Matt              79.99                     66.00

Full Box Sp            67.99                     62.00

Full Matt                 91.99                     83.00

Queen Box Sp     73.99                    65.00

Queen Matt         98.99                     86.00

King Matt            122.99                   104.00

To purchase, fill out the contact form or call (785) 829-0644